Antechamber (A Free Typeface)


Architecture and type design have a lot in common. Both demand technical precision and creative expression in equal measures, both elevate the interplay between negative and positive space to a level beyond that of most art forms, and both face the unenviable expectation of conveying beauty while remaining inconspicuous.

Ubisoft Uses Antechamber to Promote Far Cry 3!

Of course, it's that last point that offers the most opportunity for contrarian intrigue. While text faces are designed for invisible style and implicit grace to allow paragraphs, pages or even volumes of content to take center stage, display faces have been known on occasion to bludgeon the presenter, grab the microphone and hoard the spotlight with a childlike fervor that's as obnoxious as it is loveable.

Antechamber is such a typeface.

Its namesake, an architectural term referring to a smaller space leading into a larger one, is perhaps most descriptive of the uppercase set. Its foundation as an unremarkable condensed sans in the vein of Trade Gothic, Univers and Akzidenz is modulated by exaggerated ink traps of dubious functional value but stylistic certainty that give it an industrial, machined look. Like tiny entry halls, they lead the way into the cavernous spaces that separate strokes and define counters.

The lowercase set, however, embodies a conveniently homonymous term that I should volunteer might be made up—antichamber—that I've decided refers to the opposite of space, the inversion of order, and the reversal of structure. Each haphazardly designed alternate fills counters, connects strokes and collapses inward on emptiness to punctuate the harmony with chaotically fashionable arrhythmic disruptions. Please use responsibly.

Antechamber is free to download and use in both commercial and non-commercial applications (provided said applications are, in fact, totally radical). Its easy-going license does, however, stipulate two conditions:

1. The font is not redistributed in any way, modified or unmodified.

2. I will be emailed a link to anything cool you make with it. Failure to render said email will result not in anger, but merely disappointment.

street poster






Check out this fantastic poster created by design students at Brazil's Centro Universitário Univates!

student-made poster from centro universitário univates

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