Original Typefaces

I design typefaces. Sorta. More accurately, I should say that every now and then I'll start sketching out an idea for some kooky new lettering and before I know it I've put an entire alphabet together. Naturally, it occurs to me that a finished set of letters is a big step towards a complete typeface, and that it might be fun to finish it and possibly even release it for others to use. So I start drafting up some plans for the rest of the character set, come up with a suitably pretentious name, and settle in for the long haul.

Then the honeymoon ends. Fast. Unfortunately, as much as I love all things related to typography and type design, a few things always get in the way. For one, a single typeface is only so useful; to really contribute something significant, I'd like to flesh out a complete family with at least a bold weight and corresponding obliques or italics. But that's... a lot of work, and nine times out of 10 my attention has drifted off to something else before the thought has even finished crossing my mind.

Luckily, I've still managed to get some use out of my own incomplete, "in-house" typefaces. Here's some specimens and posters that illustrate how I've put them to use over the years.

decoder (specimen)

islands (solid)

metro blood

islands (hollow)


metrobloc (specimen)

abject diagonals

pitch black

last night's travel journal

sodium channels

edgewise (specimen)


the loop


determinant (specimen)


burning questions



estereo (specimen)


live! tonight! sold out!!

i will be all places and all things

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